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Who is Eileen Alder?

The name "Eileen Alder" inspiration came from my mother's name…Dorothy EILEEN ALDER Rogers.  One day in the early 80’s post college, I was a working during the day at the University of Arkansas and working as a newbie event planner during the night being a professional consultant  “incognito” for my law school friends' parties.  And....the party planning  bug just stuck with me!

As I was contemplating "reinventing" my life and giving up working full-time with a nonprofit,  I envisioned having an online gift-giving business.  I wanted to make gift-giving, especially with weddings, be so much easier for the entire wedding party, as well as people seeking gifts to give that were fun and could be delivered in special packaging.  Having spent many years planning weddings on the side, I felt like I had a pretty good handle on what items would be useful and those that were just fun.  I wanted the gift giving experience to be meaningful, not overly expensive, different from subscription boxes with a little bit of richness, posh and luxury, hence the "boujee box" was conceived.  While I was exploring names for this said business, one of my classmates of over 35 years ago visited me one day in May and reminded me of my “professional consulting name” during a “do you remember” time…and that was it!  Hence, The Eileen Alder Company, EST May 2018 by Nancy Eileen Rogers Hairston, became a real thing and was launched, February 14, 2019.

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